• Thesis Site Option Design Option Showing Upgrade Thesis Button [Solution]

    September 7th, 2011    by Thesis Customization Service

    by Thesis Customization Service on September 7, 2011

    I have been using Thesis from more than 2 year now and I never had any issue until recently my Thesis site options and design options started showing “Upgrade Thesis” button.

    When ever I open my Thesis site option and design option page it says:

    Oooh, Exciting!

    It’s time to upgrade your Thesis, which means there’s new awesomeness in your immediate future. Click the button below to fast-track your way to the awesomeness!

    Upgrade Thesis

    Here is a screenshot of this error:


    Last time when this error happened, I had to do a clear installation of Thesis by removing Thesis tables from WordPress database and it was easy but time consuming task. I looked into Thesis support form for help and realize it’s just not me but many others are facing the similar issue.

    Only thing which was common between me and others facing the similar issue was W3 Total cache plugin.

    W3 total cache is an advanced caching plugin for WordPress but at times it create lots of issues. I have been running my blog on W3tc plugin for quite some time but with recent upgrade it created lots of issues. Anyways, we will get back to W3tc with different post but for now, if you are facing the similar issue, try flushing all your cache and disabling W3tc plugin. It worked for me and might work for you.

    You might like to take a quick backup of Thesis site option and design settings by going to manage options under Thesis theme. Here is a quick tutorial on How to take Thesis theme design and site options backup.

    Do let us know if this solved your problem or you still seeing big ass Upgrade Thesis button on your Thesis option panel? Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter for advance Thesis customization tips.

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