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    Thesis Site Option Design Option Showing Upgrade Thesis Button [Solution]

    Thesis Tutorials September 7, 2011

    I have been using Thesis from more than 2 year now and I never had any issue until recently my Thesis site options and design options started showing “Upgrade Thesis” button. When ever I open my Thesis site option and design option page it says: Oooh, Exciting! It’s time to upgrade your Thesis, which means there’s new awesomeness in your […]

    How to BackUp Thesis WordPress Theme Design and Site options

    Thesis Tutorials September 6, 2011

    Those who are using Thesis theme, they know that Thesis customization is mostly done by custom.css and custom functions.php file located in custom Thesis folder. When ever we talk about taking a back up or upgrading Thesis, we suggest you to take a complete back up of custom folder by downloading it locally. Though this is not the only backup […]

    How to Add Google Analytic to Thesis WordPress Theme

    Thesis Tutorials August 10, 2011

    Analyzing your website traffic is an important part of optimization. So far, Google analytic is one of the best free analytic tool for Bloggers. Since it’s free and offer all the feature for advance uses, Google analytic is one must have analytic program that every blogger should have on his blog. Getting back to Thesis theme, Thesis theme helps you […]

    How to Install Thesis Theme From WordPress Dashboard [Beginners Guide]

    Thesis Tutorials July 20, 2010
    Install Thesis WordPress Theme

    Hey there, Have you just finished purchasing Thesis WordPress theme and now looking to install it on your blog? Here I will share the complete step by step tutorial which you need to do to install Thesis theme. If you haven’t purchased Thesis theme yet, you can do so by going to their sales page here.  Thesis is one of […]