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    August 10th, 2011    by Thesis Customization Service

    by Thesis Customization Service on August 10, 2011

    Analyzing your website traffic is an important part of optimization. So far, Google analytic is one of the best free analytic tool for Bloggers. Since it’s free and offer all the feature for advance uses, Google analytic is one must have analytic program that every blogger should have on his blog. Getting back to Thesis theme, Thesis theme helps you to lower down many plugins including Google analytic.

    You can add Google analytic code into Thesis WordPress theme without any plugin. In this tutorial I will help you with code generation and also how you can integrate analytic code into Thesis theme.

    Generating Google analytic code for Thesis Theme:

    If you have been blogging for some time or you switched to Thesis theme recently, you can skip this option and grab the code from existing analytic account and follow step 2 which explains how to add code into Thesis theme. For first time user, follow this simple guide to get started with Google Analytic. Login to Google analytic account using your Google login. After logging in, click on add new account or use this direct link to add new site in your account. Click on sign up and on next page start feeling details:



    On the next screen Enter your first and last name and select your country and click on continue. Read the terms and conditions and click on Yes I agree and continue to account creation. On the next page you will be given code which you need to install on your site to let Google analytic track your traffic stats.


    Copy the code and click on save and Finish.

    Adding Analytic code into Thesis WordPress theme:

    Till now, we have signed up for Google analytics and now it’s time to add the code into Thesis Theme. Go to your WordPress dashboard and Under Thesis settings, select Site options. Now search for column which says, Stats and tracking script, paste the code and click on Big ass save button.


    It may take around 24-48 hours before you see your traffic stats in Google analytic dashboard. Here is a quick video which shows how to add code into Thesis theme. In the video I skipped the creating analytic account part and straight away, I’m showing how to add code into Thesis:

    I hope you found this tutorial easy to implement and use. Meanwhile if you have not purchased Thesis theme yet, you can grab a license of Thesis theme from here. Do let me know if you get stuck anywhere or have any questions.

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